Medieval Punishment For Gay Twink

New gay slave story:

Gay Master Anton has pulled me painfully for dummies, and I have screamed from unexpectedness. He’s blurred in a smile.
– You must learn and learn! And what can be better than a good belt, for mastering knowledge? And my new Master have burst out laughing to this joke. Also have told to me to become stand like dog on a mattress. Having risen in this humiliated pose, I have prepared, feeling fear and excitation together. The Gay Master Anton has approached to me behind and having put me a leg on a back, has forced me to lay down a breast on a mattress, that completely having exposed forward buttocks. Some seconds occured nothing … and suddenly mine to the priest has burnt. I have screamed, but have there and then received command:
– You should whine, as with fucking bitch and to ask more and more! I began to ask to punish me more strongly, squealing a little and twisting my butt. The pain was strong. My Master played enough with a belt and has given me in a hand the thick handle (if who knows, the children’s handle in which it seems nine multi-coloured cores). The handle was slippery, probably greased than that…

Bad gay boy gets a medieval punishment with birch
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