Gay Slave (Part 3)

Gay Master of Pain

My Gay Master said:
– I wish to look, that at you has got from underwear.
– Yes, Master.
– Hey you, fucking fag, are obliged to carry out my orders run! Do you understand?
– Exactly!
– We shall train, stinky bitch! Lay! Rise!
I expedited all commands.
– Run in a bathroom and back!
Having reached up to bathing, I have returned. Master has taken me for hair and has lead a palm on the face.

– You, stupid guy, should running up to fall to me on knees and hold your blowjob face nearly pair centimeters from my legs. The Master force has pressed me to a floor.

– Now show me your pants.
The Master has thrown to me cowards to my face.


– To put on!

I have quickly pulled cowards. My Gay Master has thrown others. Having pulled together one, I have there and then pulled others. The Gay Master wished to look on me all collection. After each change he touch roughly my ass. Painfully compressed in front and buttocks. Put me in different indecent poses. I was his gay toy. His fingers got under cowards, into a asshole, in a mouth. He touch my dummies. Pulled cowards so, that they were hammered between buttocks, and my balls became sick. This employment has strongly excited him.
– DO you want a real Pain Lesson?
And he has tumbled down me on a bed, having pressed down my neck a hand. I have felt, as he moves apart my legs. Something thick and hot has pressed my asshole. I have screamed from unexpectedness. The huge cock of my Gay Master has got into my ass. My lovely Gay Master of Painjust rape me. So nice gay bdsm games! His fat head of penis left completely my anus, and then I heard impacts – his hairy balls bite my ass.