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Gay Slave (part 2)

It was terribly, painfully and it is a shame!!! But all I wanted such reference, therefore i begin work with my tongue, licking footwear of my Gay Master.

– Untie my laces, Quickly!

I have untied laces by my teeth and remove his boots . Then i removed socks.

– Smell!!! What do they smell??

– Socks smell then, Master. –

Take them in a teeth and on all fours in a bathroom. You will erase them kneeling, it is direct in bathing!

– Yes, Master.

I have taken dirty socks teeth, have laid down on a stomach and have spread in a bathroom. Having risen there on knees, I have begun to wash.socks. Master has approached to edge of a bathroom. I have heard, as is unbuttoned fly on its jeans.

-Close eyes, bitch! Open widely your blowjob mouth!

gay bdsm

Strong pisdsing jet has struck in a mouth. It flew down on lips and a chin on a breast, and then on thighs. The Master pissing on my face, a head and shoulders. In a minute I was all piss off from legs up to a head.

– You five minutes to wash socks and to be washed. You have soaked up, pissing off slut?

– I have soaked up Master.

– who you at us now?

– I’m Pissing Off Whore.

– More louder, fucking bitch!

– I’m Pissing Off Whore!!!!

Master has lead fingers on my wet ass from urine and has pushed them to me in a mouth.

– Suck them. What, it is tasty, bicth?

– So it is exact, it is tasty, the Gay Master! My Gay Master has washed up the hands and has turned to me.

Gay Slave BDSM Story

Oh! My Gay Master! Present me some Pain Lesson!

I am a gay slave, and now I write this story under the order of my Gay Master. He has left on pair hours and when will arrive all should be executed. Otherwise…
He has ordered to me to describe my memoirs on first our meeting. Even now, later half a year of our acquaintance, my cock is simply torn from a pressure from these ideas. Please, judge my story…


gay bdsm


We have got acquainted through the Internet. After short dialogue on icq we understand, that we can’t live without each other. I wished to be a maid, a thing, a sexual toy, slutty gay doll and a toilet in his hands.
He wanted full submission from me.

The first meeting has been appointed at my place. I have begun with morning preparation for it.
To be prepared for arrival of Gay Master – there was his first order for me. Having cleaned in an apartment, I have stripped and have started to put in order myself.

I shaved all my hair from a neck up to heels, I have put myself cleaning clyster. Then all was washed, i put on a collar and has laid down at an entrance door on rug pending my Gay Master.
The call to a door was distributed. I have kneeled and have opened it.
Interestingly, that you think if have seen the naked 24 years old guy, kneeling with a sticking out cock and shaved perineum? It is exact not that has made mine 21 yo Master. He kicked my shaved balls!
Impact was not strong, but I was bent, and my face has appeared opposite its boot.

– Lick boots, fucking bitch! – he ordered to me.

Continuation follows tomorrow… but now you can spend a good time on Pain Lesson or Gay BDSM Club