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Twink Flogging Pain Lesson : Tye and Whiskey

Twink Flogging

Let’s stop with next Twink Flogging Pain Lesson featuring frolic gay teen Whiskey and his kinky gay BDSM master Tye. Why he’s got so funny nickname?)) Maybe becouse┬áhis hair is whiskey-colored?
Well, it was something spacial at the – young men used plastic wrap, rope bondage and big cross!

twink flogging

twink flogging

Teen gay boys bdsm fetish porn is one of my favorite ones! I’m ready to watch it every day and every night. I used to imagine that i’m a gay top master too and had a chance to whip innocent male buttocks with my lash.


Bad Boy Bondage : Carrot and Stick

Bad Boy Bondage

I want to tell a new flogging gay fetish story from featuring hard restraints and flogging. I called this story ‘carrot and stick’. Bruno was attached to the cross like a Jesus! Merceless Tye punished his naked slim body with whip as hell! But after cruel punishment he wanted to see how his submissive slave ejaculated. He jerked off moaning and helpless sub till his pressed out sticky droplets of sperm. Milked young man cryed with incredible pleasure after kinky pain lesson.

Bad Boy Bondage

forced orgasm

I like his whip, mates. Who can tell me, where can i buy something like this? I found next one
Manbound Rubber Whip.